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Why I need to talk?

Well, you may state the obvious reasons. To communicate. Or maybe they speak to be heard.  Just to be heard.

And sometimes to be heard is not enough…….

To be heard by the right person, to be heard by people to want to hear you, to be heard by people who interpret you right or so just debate with you is important.

To be heard as a process for being heard by self (what many a people pay to a therapist for) is also a reason.

I talk easy to strangers. Why? May be coz they would not bitch about it, use it as a weapon against me when the time comes or make a profile of me based on that. Well yes they may judge me but then yes they are strangers. How much do I really need to care?? ( well , the above question can actually lead people to do crazy things).

I am talking because well let’s take the risk of talking.

Comment if you agree, deny or just if you want to talk.Image result for EXPRESS oneself image